Thursday, 15 November 2012

Learning never a WASTE

Finally I've done with my Korean Language Class Level 1
and i passed the Exam...  =))

Before i start learning Korean language,
me, myself and i (hehehe) always get bashed by some of my friends,
( yeah!! we're Malaysia's Malay... that's what we do..)
asking me... 
1. "what so important about that language huh? Kpop? K-Drama? cute pretty boy?"
2. "you wont be G-Dragon's wife lah if you know how to speak Korean fluently.. hahaha =P"
3. "hey... u better learn your religious' language!!!"
5. till to number 132445789897543.(kekeke)

YES! i don't have any of supporters when i telling them i want to learn Korean Lanugage.
i don't mind.... =)

To make it clear...
i had learned Arabic when i was in Religious School (age 9 till 15) at Johor.. 
(yes.. i admit.. i don't understand most of them)
and i really hope that you, the Malaysian know how strictly the Johor's Religious school...
(you can not proceed to the next level if you fail... Thanks to my Allah.. i passed all of them.. =))
And learn Mandarin when i was in university..
(even though i forgot almost everything, i still remember some of the basic =).. and it;s a bonus in Malaysia
if you know how to speak Mandarin, right?)
and learn English from kindergarten till now.
(as you can see, my broken grammar is everywhere... *i'm still learning guys* =))

For me,
I like any language, the more famous that language, the more i want to learn..
I got excited when i can pronounce the word and 
say the word fluently...
And now, i feel like wanna talk in Korea language with everybody..

So, guys... let's learn languages.. don't make any barrier like..
you cannot learn that language!!
you should learn your religious language!!!
wasting money lah!!!!
and etc....

as long as it's a good thing,
Learning never a waste!!