Thursday, 15 November 2012

Learning never a WASTE

Finally I've done with my Korean Language Class Level 1
and i passed the Exam...  =))

Before i start learning Korean language,
me, myself and i (hehehe) always get bashed by some of my friends,
( yeah!! we're Malaysia's Malay... that's what we do..)
asking me... 
1. "what so important about that language huh? Kpop? K-Drama? cute pretty boy?"
2. "you wont be G-Dragon's wife lah if you know how to speak Korean fluently.. hahaha =P"
3. "hey... u better learn your religious' language!!!"
5. till to number 132445789897543.(kekeke)

YES! i don't have any of supporters when i telling them i want to learn Korean Lanugage.
i don't mind.... =)

To make it clear...
i had learned Arabic when i was in Religious School (age 9 till 15) at Johor.. 
(yes.. i admit.. i don't understand most of them)
and i really hope that you, the Malaysian know how strictly the Johor's Religious school...
(you can not proceed to the next level if you fail... Thanks to my Allah.. i passed all of them.. =))
And learn Mandarin when i was in university..
(even though i forgot almost everything, i still remember some of the basic =).. and it;s a bonus in Malaysia
if you know how to speak Mandarin, right?)
and learn English from kindergarten till now.
(as you can see, my broken grammar is everywhere... *i'm still learning guys* =))

For me,
I like any language, the more famous that language, the more i want to learn..
I got excited when i can pronounce the word and 
say the word fluently...
And now, i feel like wanna talk in Korea language with everybody..

So, guys... let's learn languages.. don't make any barrier like..
you cannot learn that language!!
you should learn your religious language!!!
wasting money lah!!!!
and etc....

as long as it's a good thing,
Learning never a waste!!

Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Korean Language For Final Exam

Hai guys..
hmm.. i think that you guys already know that
i went to Korean Language class for every Sunday morning...
It's a 3 hours class with Miss Omni.. from Korean Language House..
The stage getting difficult, but interesting.. 
i can read and pronounce the word (although i read like a kindergarten kids).. .. =(
Our class almost end (where i need to continue for next level).
 So, there will be no class for next week,
maybe because of Eid Al Adha....





Miss Omni wants to go to Bigbang's concert for the night before..
(sumpah! cemburu nak mati)
 i didn;t go for the concert, coz i need to go back my hometown..
celebrating the celebration day together...
my sister says, if i went to concert and not coming back for 
Eid Al Adha , i will get strucked by lightning....
hahaha... they just too mean to me!!!

Eh! Eh! Eh, back to the topic.... Exam..
i'll having my final exam on 11th of November 2012..
Oral, Speaking & Writing..

i always have goosebumps every time i think bout this.. =(

Absolutely, i don't want to be like this... please no.. 
Image by Google Images

Either like this.!!!
Image by Google Images

And, to get a good result......
Image by Google Images

i need to answer all the question like this!!!! 
Image by Google Images

 But, for time being... i'm burning the midnight oil for every night..
Korean language may be easy for other, but not toooooo easy for me..
when something is not our "mother tongue"
and at this age... phewww..... sweating weh!!
Image by Google Images

 And for those out there who also taking Korean language,
and will having exam at anytime

i wish you all the best!!!
remember to do not wait until Lady Luck to smile at you.
coz u know how to smile by yourself.. =)

Image by Google Images

Friday, 19 October 2012

Black Soybean Paste Noodle @ Jjajangmyun @ 자장면 국수

TGIF!! (Thank God I'm Fabulous!! =P)
About 5 o'clock at the office, i'm thinking what to have for dinner.
Remember that there is still black bean paste in my fridge,
i decide to go to Giant Supermarket ( We don't have Doremon either Nobita at Malaysia, only Giant.. =P)
i become so 'rajin' lately, so 'll show you step by step. =)

Mushroom, carrot, potato, onion and 'cili padi (a small size chili
but 10 times more hot and spicy from the ordinary chili)'. This is what
i have, the original recipe doesn't use mushroom & carrot... 

Chicken, i cut it in cube shape, the original's recipe using pork belly,
since i can't eat pork, i using chicken... =) *halal toyyibah* 

This is the main ingredient, the black Soybean paste, 
Malaysian call it, Tauchu @ Taucho..
The taste and smell no different, but i think
Malaysia's black soybean much more salty then Korean 's 
black soybean paste. i bought this at the market near with my
Korean Language class, at Taman Dagang, Ampang.. a place where you can called 
as a Korean/Japenese Village in Malaysia.


Hot pan and Oil


Wait until the it become a little brown.. 

Add the onion.. stair for a while, until you can smell the onion.

i'm adding the potato then.



About 2 table spoons of black bean paste

Mix it...

Mix it well...

Adding water, i'm not very sure about the amount of water,
but what i do is until it cover the mixed ingredient.
At this stage, u need to taste it, if i suit with your taste butt.. =P
adding some sugar, salt or what ever that u need.. =P

Mix corn flour with water, bout a table spoon of it..

after a minute, TADAAAA! done with the gravy
not need to wait 4minutes.. or Hyuna =P

The noodle!

Boil water, add noodle, just like you cook spaghetti..
i think it took bout 4-5 min...

oh ya!!! the cili padi...

finely chop it.. i didn't mix it with the gravy, i'm afraid if the taste will
be not as it should be, so i separate it from the gravy =)

Rinse the cooked noodle with water, to avoid it sticking to each other
Toast it!

 And the final product?



Very satisfying final product...
With the effort and the taste,
i'm like a happy fat girl in a huge candy shop..! =P

The more I know men, the more I love my cat

The more i know man,
the more i love cats,
where i;m not even a cats lover.
got it?
If there's a kitten who will not growing up or getting bigger..
i want to have one..

From Google Images

From Google Images

From Google Images

From Google Images

From Google Images

there is one time where i talked to a kitten
'You got your mother eyes'...
after that.. i'm giggle laughing at myself...
Why must i said to that kitten like thatttt???!!!!

Thursday, 18 October 2012


i really don't know what's the best way to learn Korean language..
Seriously, lacking of source =(..
For my 1st class, i need to memorize the consonant and vowel.
The consonant quite easy for me to remember.. but
VOWEL??? how to pronounce it perfectly? *epic fail for me*
But, worries no more because there is so many page that can
guide you to the right path.. =P
or by Ancient Scripts (here)
Or just google it.. you will find many more... (unless you are google-disable)
A quite accurate guide..
All you need to do now is study hard, so 
i don't need any subtitle to watch K-Drama.

This is how i study on the 1st week after learning Hanggul
While watching RunningMan, i try to spell each name,
and it's really a success.. so easy after that.. you need to try this guys.. it's working!
Running Man Vs Bigbang

The learning get more interesting when it came to sentence,
what is that?
what is this?
this is what?
that is what?

i'm try to improve my writing style..
trying to do a beautiful writing style....

as you can see... all the blue is what i couldn't answer..
Noob me, need more practice,...
I actually looking for easy to read Korean novel,
is there anybody who know where can i get it? 
i might not understand what i'll read... but.. but..
i like to read...... erk...?

and just now i've teach my office mate hanggul... =P

Wednesday, 19 September 2012


Have u guys watch this video?

It's kind of creepy at first.. 
If i was there, i will scream like a mad woman
ye lah, you don't know who are they..
suddenly the spraying colors at your car's window... 
put balloons at your car..
(the motorbike riders look like mat rempit lah.. 
who trying to smash your window.... haha)
wasn't that creepy??
but when everybody honking and smiling... 
the mission accomplished. 
Credit to Etiqa

Sunday, 16 September 2012


Source: Google Image
Photo: Google Image

[buzz korea] Dear Korea, Why You Have So Much Things That Makes People Passionate?

GWANGJANG MARKET (a feast for eyes and stomach)

According to Official Site Of Korea Tourism,  Gwanhjang market is the nation's first market and continues to thrives  as a popular tourist destination today. This is the place for  fashion apparel, bedding, handicraft, marine product. From all what  have read, Seoul is a city of markets. 

Gwangjang market loaded with an array of clothes, bedding, and silk (i'm going crazy bout this). Elegant hanbok – traditional Korean dress (i want to see all type and want to have one of my own)– and acres of modern suit fabric and tacky souvenirs all find their place in Gwangjang .

Our Man In Korea defined Gwangjang as a piece of Seoul, it’s a detailed miniature of the city itself. Sprawling, crowded, chaotic, with hidden pockets of charm amid a ramshackle heap of grubby character, the market – like the city it serves – (I need to get right inside and see it, taste it and smell it up close.)

Photo: outmaninkorea.wordpress

photo: Google Image

photo: Google Image

photo: Google Image


Samsung D'light is a global exhibition space that showcases the latest product lineup by Samsung. With the company's vision to be 'a guide light to the digital world' ( i might throw away my current phone after i went to this place.. after seeing what they had done.. and all the excitement of digital technology... might). This a space of interaction that allows visitors to experience new life patterns through state-of-the-art digital technology categorized by theme ( i want to see this soo badly!!). I like light art so damn much!! Look at all these photo... just make me 'Crazy On'... i need to see all these in front my own eyes!! (suddenly singing GD's Crayon)

photo: Google Image

photo: Google Image

Photo: Google Image

Photo: Google Image

I'm dying to watch something like this, only Korea??


Did i need to explain more? did i? did i?? okay.... Wokay.....

1. Huh Gak ( Hello by him is one of my outermost favorite)

Photo: Google Image
 2. B2ST (for the Beauty)
Photo: Google Image
 3. BtoB
Photo: Google Image
 4. G.Na
Photo: Google Image
 5. A-Pink
Photo: Google Image
 6. 4 Minutes (Hyuna? Bubble Pop?)
Photo: Google Image

It's very pathetic if you ask me to explain more.... so... please do not ask that... =P


Rail biking at YangPyeong lead you to the route where you can see beautiful mountains, rivers and the quiet town  in the distance. Enjoying the countryside will be  such a refreshing change from the bustle of the city.

Photo: Google Image

Photo: Google Image

Photo: Google Image

Photo: Google Image

   GAROSU-GIL (sinsa's tree lined street)

Garosugil is a district in Sinsa-dong, Gangnam-gu (Oppa Gangnam Style?? op! op! oppa!!)and Seoul, South Korea. As we know, Psy's Oppa Gangnam style is really a hit... I really want to see how is Gangnam Oppa's style... So much differ from Psy as i been told, but Psy been soo cheesy with wearing suit all the time.. haha.... really want to see how is Gangnam's style.. is it like New Yorker? =P.. i googled bout this area... and all the images show me this place like a art street... look at all the attractive building colors.. 

Striking painted building
Photo: Google Image

Photo: Google Image

Photo: Google Image

Catchy design
Photo: Google Image

Unique decoration
Photo: Google Image

Photo: Google Image

Mix and match of modern and classic architecture design
Photo: Google Image

Art of the street?
Photo: Google Image

Photo: Google Image

Photo: Google Image

The rows of mature gingko looked so damn gorgeous
Photo: Google Image

HEYRI (art village)

When i click here , no word could express what i'm thinking... i think i can spend all my 4 days at this place... Look at the architecture! Amazing!!! i don't know what to select at google image... which i should upload.. i want to select all! Seriously.. All..

Gigantic colorful pencil
 Photo: Google Image

a very big mural
Photo: Google Image

Photo: Google Image

Photo: Google Image

The architecture.
Photo: Google Image

Many toys in here... must! =P
Photo: Google Image

Photo: Google Image

i done a design similarly like this when i done my internship.. it's in hexagon shape, and  i called it twisted bridge...
Photo: Google Image

Ultraman? Seems like nothing impossible!
Photo: Google Image

Really an art... can i hop in that bus?
Photo: Google Image

Photo: Google Image

 I want to see Korea's 

1. Culture
2. Entertainment
3. Natural Environment
4. Man-made Environment
5. Art

Last but not least, let me show to you, self-made japchae...