Thursday, 18 October 2012


i really don't know what's the best way to learn Korean language..
Seriously, lacking of source =(..
For my 1st class, i need to memorize the consonant and vowel.
The consonant quite easy for me to remember.. but
VOWEL??? how to pronounce it perfectly? *epic fail for me*
But, worries no more because there is so many page that can
guide you to the right path.. =P
or by Ancient Scripts (here)
Or just google it.. you will find many more... (unless you are google-disable)
A quite accurate guide..
All you need to do now is study hard, so 
i don't need any subtitle to watch K-Drama.

This is how i study on the 1st week after learning Hanggul
While watching RunningMan, i try to spell each name,
and it's really a success.. so easy after that.. you need to try this guys.. it's working!
Running Man Vs Bigbang

The learning get more interesting when it came to sentence,
what is that?
what is this?
this is what?
that is what?

i'm try to improve my writing style..
trying to do a beautiful writing style....

as you can see... all the blue is what i couldn't answer..
Noob me, need more practice,...
I actually looking for easy to read Korean novel,
is there anybody who know where can i get it? 
i might not understand what i'll read... but.. but..
i like to read...... erk...?

and just now i've teach my office mate hanggul... =P

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