Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Korean Language For Final Exam

Hai guys..
hmm.. i think that you guys already know that
i went to Korean Language class for every Sunday morning...
It's a 3 hours class with Miss Omni.. from Korean Language House..
The stage getting difficult, but interesting.. 
i can read and pronounce the word (although i read like a kindergarten kids).. .. =(
Our class almost end (where i need to continue for next level).
 So, there will be no class for next week,
maybe because of Eid Al Adha....





Miss Omni wants to go to Bigbang's concert for the night before..
(sumpah! cemburu nak mati)
 i didn;t go for the concert, coz i need to go back my hometown..
celebrating the celebration day together...
my sister says, if i went to concert and not coming back for 
Eid Al Adha , i will get strucked by lightning....
hahaha... they just too mean to me!!!

Eh! Eh! Eh, back to the topic.... Exam..
i'll having my final exam on 11th of November 2012..
Oral, Speaking & Writing..

i always have goosebumps every time i think bout this.. =(

Absolutely, i don't want to be like this... please no.. 
Image by Google Images

Either like this.!!!
Image by Google Images

And, to get a good result......
Image by Google Images

i need to answer all the question like this!!!! 
Image by Google Images

 But, for time being... i'm burning the midnight oil for every night..
Korean language may be easy for other, but not toooooo easy for me..
when something is not our "mother tongue"
and at this age... phewww..... sweating weh!!
Image by Google Images

 And for those out there who also taking Korean language,
and will having exam at anytime

i wish you all the best!!!
remember to do not wait until Lady Luck to smile at you.
coz u know how to smile by yourself.. =)

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