Friday, 19 October 2012

Black Soybean Paste Noodle @ Jjajangmyun @ 자장면 국수

TGIF!! (Thank God I'm Fabulous!! =P)
About 5 o'clock at the office, i'm thinking what to have for dinner.
Remember that there is still black bean paste in my fridge,
i decide to go to Giant Supermarket ( We don't have Doremon either Nobita at Malaysia, only Giant.. =P)
i become so 'rajin' lately, so 'll show you step by step. =)

Mushroom, carrot, potato, onion and 'cili padi (a small size chili
but 10 times more hot and spicy from the ordinary chili)'. This is what
i have, the original recipe doesn't use mushroom & carrot... 

Chicken, i cut it in cube shape, the original's recipe using pork belly,
since i can't eat pork, i using chicken... =) *halal toyyibah* 

This is the main ingredient, the black Soybean paste, 
Malaysian call it, Tauchu @ Taucho..
The taste and smell no different, but i think
Malaysia's black soybean much more salty then Korean 's 
black soybean paste. i bought this at the market near with my
Korean Language class, at Taman Dagang, Ampang.. a place where you can called 
as a Korean/Japenese Village in Malaysia.


Hot pan and Oil


Wait until the it become a little brown.. 

Add the onion.. stair for a while, until you can smell the onion.

i'm adding the potato then.



About 2 table spoons of black bean paste

Mix it...

Mix it well...

Adding water, i'm not very sure about the amount of water,
but what i do is until it cover the mixed ingredient.
At this stage, u need to taste it, if i suit with your taste butt.. =P
adding some sugar, salt or what ever that u need.. =P

Mix corn flour with water, bout a table spoon of it..

after a minute, TADAAAA! done with the gravy
not need to wait 4minutes.. or Hyuna =P

The noodle!

Boil water, add noodle, just like you cook spaghetti..
i think it took bout 4-5 min...

oh ya!!! the cili padi...

finely chop it.. i didn't mix it with the gravy, i'm afraid if the taste will
be not as it should be, so i separate it from the gravy =)

Rinse the cooked noodle with water, to avoid it sticking to each other
Toast it!

 And the final product?



Very satisfying final product...
With the effort and the taste,
i'm like a happy fat girl in a huge candy shop..! =P


  1. wow! yummmy :D the food loooks great!!!!

    followed you xoxo

    1. it does taste good.. hehehe! =))
      yeah.. will follow you too.. x0xo!

  2. Hi, your noodles look great! But can i ask what noodles u used and where u got it from? And we can substitute the black bean sauce with tauchu?